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My little folding Ritewing Zephyr

Well, hi
I decided to make topic on my build, so that everyone can comment or maybe tell me when i'm doing something wrong :P
I've built balsa planes a long time ago and some tiny foam planes recently.

This one is my first wing.

So far, the build dvd has been helpful as well as the Ritewing build thread, however there's no real complete manual and how to build these things, and is probably aimed at people who already built a few wings.

Anyways! This wing looks cool and I hope my build will work out, look decently good and fly well

It's going to go slow because I have many other real life imperatives (even thus i spent a lot of time on forum *cough* from work *cough*)

Nicely packaged:

3 spars instead of 2!

A spar with outter tube (for joining) before installation

All 3 spars installed, with a tube to join the wings (its very strong, i'm quite happy about how this turns out)

Note that the spars are in fiberglass, its flexing a lot better than carbon before breaking and also let radio signal go through. A good part of the outter tube (3-4cm) is actually going into the wing.
The area where the 2 inner tubes are joining, are not in the center of the wing, but slightly left. meaning the point with the most pressure has no rupture.

Next step:
split the motor mount, cut the space for it and glue it there. (the 2Nd part of the motor mount will be screwed onto it when mounting the wing every time)
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