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Step 2 - Getting the ArduPilot to work with the ArduShield and the Remzibi GPS unit.
NOTE: If you're planning on continuing to step #3 and are going to use the ArduIMU then this step is not necessary. Your GPS will be connecting directly to the ArduIMU and you don't need to worry about getting a GPS lock through the ArduShield. You may still want to use the shield for the pressure sensor (provides feedback that the plane is moving forward for throttle control) but all this testing is not needed. It will be plug-n-play. So you can skip to step #3.

If you're not using the ArduIMU and will be using a co-pilot or thermopiles/infra-red sensors instead, then you'll want to complete this step.

First, you should give yourself a pat on the back for completing step 1. You've set the stage for the future steps and most of the "hard" stuff is behind you. This step will be pretty quick and easy.

These initial instructions only apply to the ArduShield V1 (red colored PCB board) since I seem to have fried my V2 board during this testing process.

First, solder the headers onto the ArduShield (Top and bottom).

Then plug the ArduShield on to the ArduPilot.

Next, connect the GPS unit to the "vertical" pins at the bottom left and connect the FTDI cable. It's helpful to leave the servo tester connected for debugging purposes.

The blue light should start blinking at this point.

Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications and open Hyper Terminal (you can also use Start, Run, "hypertrm.exe")

Type the COM port you're using for the name of the connection (ie COM16)
Select your COM port from the drop down selection under "Connect Using" and click ok
Select 38,400 for the baud rate, everything else as the defaults (8, None, 1, Hardware) and click ok

You should be able to see text that you can read scrolling across the screen. If you can't read it, then you've selected the wrong baud rate either in the Hyperterminal software or you didn't set it right in step 1.

Watch on the screen for a message that says "no GPS, last 20s." If you see this message, your GPS is not sending any information to the ArduShield or ArduPilot.

If you don't see this message, then the ArduPilot is waiting for GPS lock which can take several minutes.

You should be able to turn the knob on your servo tester while you're waiting and see the mode changing.

Once you get GPS lock the lock light will go solid blue and you'll start seeing messages like the ones below.

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