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Originally Posted by antennahead View Post
I just recieved my SS today!! I'm really very impressed with this plane. I ordered the ARF version with brushless upgade. In the box was the basic airframe, brushless motor and mount. Earlier posts indicate that people ordered the arf and recieved complete airframes with Motor, esc and servos. My guess is that the very first ARF's were not available as the first orders for ARF's started comming in, so Bananna, just took the radios out of the RTF's and shipped the rest., So those people got a bonus

This was my very first order with Bananna hobby and all went well. It took 3 days after my order to get a shipping conformation, and 3 days after that, It was delivered to my home. everthing arived in perfect condition

After opening the box, my only suprise was the size of the prop Man this thing is small!! I will definately install an APC 6x4

The clear plastic engine mount supplied will work very well if you plan to stick with the original brushless motor, but may make it dificult to upgrade the motor later on down the road. I will probably install the pvc adapter motor mount that is so popular on the ez star thread to facilitate easier motor swaps.

AJ, you posted the specs on the supplied brushless motor for the SS on the easy thread.....Could you post those specs here, or at the begining of this thread for everyone here?
Actually, the #'s are in post #19 of this thread. But, I will save you the time to go find it. Here are the #'s again:
Here are the numbers (all static with WattsUp meter):
TGS 6x4E
11.18 Ap
11.37 Vm (stock battery)
129.2 Wp
Be sure to keep us posted on your build. Oh, and Welcome to the thread.
P.S. Thank you for the great suggestion. I will put them in post #2.
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