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Originally Posted by jedispork View Post
Also yes I've been attempting to fly in my living room. It the plane makes it to the weekend I will take it out to a field if we get a calm day.
See, as I said... You should not try to fly it in your house until you have at least 5 to 10 hours of solid air time in a very large room (ideally, a gym, empty warehouse, very large conference room, underground garage that have more than 8 ft ceiling, etc).

And sadly, even outside is a bad idea for a beginner. If you see only one leave moving in a tree, it's too windy for it. You need NO WIND at all! Those are not common, though you may get lucky early in the morning or just before sundown. May I remind you that after December and January, usually April is the month that get the most wind on average? Again, before somebody say it, yes the Vapor can be flown outside. But not in the hand of a beginner. Heck, even if there's no wind on the ground, sometime, just going over a roof top, it's another story. Now don't even try at 200ft

So truly, don't try it in your living room yet. (Trust me, you'll be able to show off to your visitors soon enough). Try to find a good and large indoor spot and give it a go. You may want to buy one more battery, so if you go to that spot, you can fly non stop! That's another great thing about the Vapor btw... 20 minutes on one battery, while the other one is charging in the battery powered charger beside you. No need to wait for battery cool down before charges, since it does run cold! Two batteries means unlimited flying.
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