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Every flying surface on my vapor is taped along the entire perimeter. Tape is your best friend..Much easier and less messy than ca. Landing gear is optional! Sounds like you need a tad more room during your learning process. The Vapor is the best first airplane you could buy. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF TRYING TO FLY ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL YOU CAN FLY A VAPOR. First thing you need to do on intial flight, true with all planes, helo, is get her trimmed. For this you need lots of room. You want to get her so that she'll fly straight and level hands off. Have a flight plan in mind. something like, fly out ,get level, turn left, maintain level flight and fly a big left loop, then a right loop, and when you get cocky, a figure eight.. You' ll get there IF you take it slow, easy and fly with lots of room to spare. After a few dozen flights you can transition to the living room. It took me a week of outdoor flying every day before I could manage indoor flight. Now I'm amassed how easy it is..Stick time, stick time, stick time...I just flew my micro P51d for the first time yesterday and after the Vapor and the Ember it feels like I'm flying a cruise missle..Glad I have the Vapor and ember for learning. I could never have flown the P51d w/o the previous learning on much slower planes.
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