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hello guys I'm returning with my wingdragon mods BUT I'm returning because it has to do with electronics and not the actual plane Those electronics some of you might wanna use on your SkySs.

Well as I posted before I repaired the motor mount and I used some piece of hard wood to create amount.. everythig fine but the elevator servo was having moving with no reason.. trempling might be a proper word. Maybe because the wire is 30cm long because that servo used to be on my F-22. I replaced my F-22 servos with 2 digital ones.

That was eliminated by using the 50amp ESC (with external BEC) from my F-22 and also I got rid of the fear of becoming aflaming ball while the setup was drawing just under 30amps while the ESC was 18.

then there was a problem with the throttle. I setup again the ESC but same thing. Throttle was cutting off.. The 3cell battery was not enough. The 4 cell solved the problem.
And here I am now.. using a 50amp ESC with a 4cell battery (rather large one 2200mah) an a 2200kv motor. Having a HEAVY plane to fly... next tihng I expect is to snap the wings while in the air. we'll see

EDIT: Ofcourse all these could be avoided with a 25 or 30amp ESC and cut some wire from the elevator servo. Now I'm waiting for the battery to fast charge and try to fly it.
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