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Yikes! If you paid 130 bucks for it on Ebay, you got ripped off badly. You could have got a brand new one at your local hobby shop for that price. Less trouble, less risk, and sure enough, a true bill of sale, so if anything happen that is not caused by pilot error, you get full support from Horizon.

And sure enough, as the other have said, start reading about your new hobby. Tape is not the best way to fix a Vapor. Simple C.A. glue does wonder on the film as it does almost fix it back itself when you use it, and usually come out better than original glue with no extra weight. (Tape is only used for those very hard crash).

For the wheel, sadly, yes, they do break often on very bad crash. They were made to be flown inside, in large room, and for landing on very nice floor. If you would use your Vapor in a gym, they would basically last forever, well, until you get a very bad funky crash against a wall or mid-air collision with another airplane. They are fixable with some Epoxy, and added stuff like a piece of metal, wiring, or ideally a small piece of carbon fiber. Other have used string or dental floss wrapped around the gear, then covered with C.A. glue. (Could also use Epoxy on top of all that).

In your case, since you're a beginner, you may simply keep flying it without the wheel. It will still fly straight and the only thing you'll be missing is the awesome landings this thing can do. Just fly it slow until you're about 2 inch of the floor and then cut the throttle.

Hopefully, you're also not trying to fly it in your home? Those Youtube video make it sound simple, (AND IT IS), but not for a beginner pilot. Best is to start in an empty gym or warehouse, and go smaller from there. Outside is also good, but NO WIND at all. Not one single gust. And sure enough, in a large open area. Any tree will CHEW your Vapor.

Good luck and welcome into the hobby. Don't quit. As said above, you've picked a great little beginner plane. Beat the hell out of it then, give your wallet to somebody else because if you get hooked, the Vapor won't be your last plane!
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