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Originally Posted by tom6696950 View Post
Need some help any one
Tom, I just went through a first-time gyro setup with my Aurora 9, and although it's not difficult, the numbers don't mean what you think.
First of all, my gyro is one that goes into Heading Hold mode at Tx gains above 50, and Rate mode at Tx gains below 50. First, I set the Aurora's Gyro mode to "Single" and assigned the Gyro function to switch A so that I have two gain settings. Here's the tricky part: For HH mode, transmitter gain settings from 51-100 result in an actual gyro gain from 1-100 in steps of 2... but with switch A DOWN, transmitter settings from 50 down to 0 result in a gyro gain setting of 1-100 in Rate mode (again, by two's). SO.. gain of 60 at the Tx means a gyro setting of 20 in HH mode, and a Tx gain setting of 40 means a gyro setting of 20 in Rate mode. The gyro's gain increases as you move away from 50 IN EITHER DIRECTION at the Tx.
Obviously, your mileage may vary with other gyros... mine's a Gaui 210.
The Aurora also offers "dual Mode" as a gyro setting, but I wanted to keep it simple to prove the idea. This plus/minus gain thing was referred to over on one of the other RC forums but was not expressed very clearly.
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