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Back on track

I finally got the boat out of my garage and built a killer dead flat and level work bench (only $50 in material - woot).

I have started making wing templates. I have chosen the naca 64-214 section for the first prototype (14% section). This is one of the most commonly used sections for military, civilian and commercial aircraft. Variations of this airfoil have flown over Mach 2, and are most often flown in higher subsonic speed range which is where we hope to be with DS one day. I chose 14% because from what I can tell this will be the thickest section used to date for a DS specific ship (Joe is 12.5% if I recall correctly). The thicker section would easily allow for full size servos and enormous wing ballast. Also, the thicker airfoil and heavier wing loading concept has been proven with Joe's D80.

The plan continually evolves, but I plan to build a mid-weight prototype and start the scientific process. If the economy would ever bounce back, I plan to have the fuselage RP'd as well as a few horizontal stabs.

Initial wings will be manually cut foam and bagged until it is clear that a winning combination has be found. Then I will escalate to more expensive technology as funds allow.

The primary intentions of this project have not changed: long tail moment planform, large vertical stabilizer, different airfoil selection than currently used, cavernous wing displacement, distinguished profile.

So far, this has been a fun project and I have no reason to stress out over getting it done in a quick fashion. I hope to have something flying this year, but next year is okay too. I will update when anything noteworthy happens.
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