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Originally Posted by himagain View Post
Hi Guys

Ive managed to get one of these power supplies powered up and working ok.

Its rated at 32A and I've had it running at 20A without it getting warm at all

Heres the solution ,

- Simply connect the 3 pins in the photo to ground. There are 4 grounds/negs, these are the ends of both sides of the boards.

- The 12+ is the long middle section on the top

- Connect all 4 grounds together and this is your negative

- Cover the pcb with "Magic Plastic" to prevent any shorts

And your done

Any questions give me a shout


I have a this power supply (ESP113) and I want to use the 12V and 32A.
In your instructions to connect the pines to ground/negs I have a doubt because on the second and third pin there are .3v and 4.7v respectively, if I connect those pins to negative it may be cause a short circuit and damage the power supply ......Do you know if this may be a problem ???
Thank's in advance
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