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The LS24's were only $4 more apiece than the LS30's. I got a few of each.

Tom McAnn convinced me that the RX72N-HYB receiver does not have trouble indoors and with multiple transmitters in the area so I got some RX72N-HYB's. It's single conversion but so are all the micro RX's I know of except for the FMA's. Tom said the RX72N-HYB is narrow band where as the other Sky Hooks RX's are wide band and that is why they have problem with nearby transmitters. The RX72N-HYB is really about the same weight as the GWS but the RX72N-HYB has a built in ESC which will save a gram or thereabouts.

I would like to go 4 channel but I started thinking that if I want to use one servo for aileron's it would be most easily acomplished with a single rotary servo instead of the linear ones. If I go 3 channel I will need a bunch of dihedral in the wings, right?

Any suggestions on redesigning the rubber kits with working control surfaces, and hinging them? What about the type of covering? I can't find any specs on the KP00 and Kenway motors. One of them is available in low or high voltage. How does that relate to cell count? Any suggestions on motors for my larger 18 inch rubber kit (biplane)?
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