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Originally Posted by Daniel Wee View Post

That is correct. One way some people have chosen to do it is to have the autopilot control the rudder and the elevator. That way you retain full control of your ailerons, with differential and whatever other mixes you want.

Of course, elevon mixing is a special case and once I get back from Australia, I will look into possibly enabling elevon mixing.

Bear in mind that this OSD was conceived to be a kind of cheap OSD, not meant to provide full-blown UAV features. I mean, it did sell at USD99 for the most part. Please think of all the extras as bonuses and compare it to other OSDs in the same price range. One of the limitations that came from trying to make it so small is that I was no able to provide 3 PWM outputs. As you can see, there is a spare channel but I was unhappy with the jitter and so I disabled that. The way I figure this is that, for USD99, you'd be hard pressed to find an OSD with half as many features anyway. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to push the hardware as far as it can go.

At a much later stage, I may put out a no-holds barred OSD with UAV features that will be a bit bigger but will have more hardware I/O capabilities.

Daniel, Guys - don't know whether I am missing anything here, but even on the latest firmware (6.1) switching off the TX does not default to autopilot, it jitters between menus, because the PPM signal is just square wave (rail to rail 5v) switching noise with no received RF. Anyone else found this??

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