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Originally Posted by Chris Nicastro View Post
I'll always be a Rossi fan and have been since the good ol days and its funny that Colin E. calls him and the top two three guys "aliens" because they are so fast. So Rossi for the 10th title is my bid.

Stoner...well what can you say...he started this season the same way he ended the last one. To finish first first you must finish as they say. So he will continue to be a threat but as long as he self terminates then that story ending writes itself. Awesome bike, great team, I'm a Ducati fan and owner but not a Stoner or Nicky fan.

Nicky was gifted the championship he had and has since never shown true leadership to repeat which in my book is the measure of a true champion. Now on great equipment and more maturity he is threat so lets see what he does with it.

Spies...all eyes on him this season. Unreal to finish 5th in his first race and ahead of Colin stright away...for a rookie thats amazing. He said it himself in the prerace interview, the field is stacked deep and even Rossi will find it hard to dominate. There are 13 past champions in the field this year so the talent is the best its ever been you could say. Look for Spies to do something with that Tech 3 machine that the team didnt even know it could win a race! lol

So for me its a Rossi and Spies show this year and the Doctor is in DA'HOUSE!!

Gotta take issue with this rant..!!!

Nicky was gifted a championship ?... maybe you get lucky in one or two races, but you sure don't get gifted a championship that runs over 14 rounds... and correct me if I'm mistaken here, but wasn't it Rossi who fell down trying to hold on to the championship in the final race of 2006, the year Nicky Haydon won ?... to finish first, first you must finish...

If Stoner, Lorenzo, or someone else wins the title this year, we can all assume that Rossi let them have it, or he had machine failure..... Because it doesn't sound like anybody else is capable or deserving enough to win on their own merrit.....

I think the season will be really close, with a few different winners, but mainly Stoner, Rossi, and Lorenzo winning with a few guys running in and out of the podium positions....

On another subject.... I love the new Aspar Ducati.... looks nice all Yellow.. ya think ?
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