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Zig Zag Racer 3 conversion

Hey guys,

I was fooling around with the zig zag 3 yesterday, I found out you can re-program the esc!! The downside is you can only program your battery type, but that is still a huge advantage! Now you can run lipos! I haven't tried yet but the one that comes with the super cub lp looks about right, maybe have to dremel out part of the compartment. Oh, one more thing: if you have an xport extension, open up the esc box and connect it! Works for the night flight module as no switch input is neccesary. My guide to the esc is below.

Here's how:

1) Connect your ZZR3 while holding full throttle
2) Wait for the long beep; programming has started.
3) When you hear the number of beeps you want, move throttle to middle to select, then down fully to arm it. Your selections are:
(1 beep: 6-7 cell Ni-mh, this is stock setting)
(2 beeps: 8-9 cell Ni-mh or 2s lipo)
(3 beeps: 3s lipo)
(4 beeps: 70% "smart" cutoff)

*note: this is actually telling the esc when to initiate the LVC or Low Voltage Cutoff*

*note: this will not work on the ZZR2*

let me know what you've already done to this little boat and if you can make this work!
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