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Originally Posted by Ace12GA View Post
I find Gorilla Glue is only useful for laminating foams, say when making a KFm wing, or a flying wing, or a monobloc fuselage. Gorilla Glue needs to be clamped, because it expands. Its very strong, and if used conservatively, very light. For butt joints, or main air frame assembly its not terribly good. I have started using Fabritac for depron joints, and it works really well. It is supposed to be a great replacement for UHU Por or Creativ. If you can get Por or Creativ, they are the glue to get apparently for depron. Setup time is 1 hour, full cure in 24. Gorilla Glue is set and cured in 2 to 4 hours.

Also, if you can get Elmers Ultimate Glue, its the same as Gorilla Glue, and half the price. I have them both, and its the same thing. Goes on the same, sets up the same, and is as strong.

My 8oz bottle of GG has laminated the wings on 7 planes, and the monobloc on 2. There is about 2oz left. I have wasted a lot learning to use it.

thanks for that info ace,i never heard of fabritac looks like i will be looking in the sewing shops, uhu por is 5.50 in the model shop a complete rip or it would be what i use, the depron place i use is 2.50 BIG difference just forgot to stick it on my order. i have been using bostick solvent free comes in 2 flavors bog standard and extra strong its good for bits that fit first time and is like a contact glue if left for 10 mins but takes hours to dry if you just put parts together with no drying time before puttin parts together so guess it needs air to work its like a white glue and bond is fairly strong but gives before the foam does unless a large area is glued and is only 1.67 AND IS SOLD ALL OVER big plus asda/wilco's most diy shops,but sort of helps to absorb shock in my several f22 nose in's lol. looks like all my glue is coming from the land of internet as not one shop and ive looked in almost every shop that does diy/glue type stuff nothing only wood glue and nothing PU like probond, i hate this town more and more each day its pathetic for stuff like this lol
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