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Originally Posted by saltyzoo View Post
I got bullied as bad as that, and worse. Does that make me a minority?

Actually, the sickening part is a black man, being the biggest money maker in advertisement, in a predominately white market segment, complaining about racism.

Is there no point where we can get past this short of no white person having any money at all - having given it to black people?
I think you totally miss the point. When he won his first Masters, one of the pro golfers joked about serving fried chicken and watermelon for the dinner, which I believe the winner picks the dinner menu for the next years banquet.

He was heckled off a Navy base golf course as a young fellow by adults using the N word. Tiger isn't that old, the fact that he suffered racism has nothing to do with your being bullied. Unless your being bullied was racially motivated. But as the victim of being bullied, it would seem you would be more empathetic to folks suffering from racism. Did you feel you deserved to be bullied? Does the fact that you have a job and are successful erase that fact?

I don't understand why folks want to not have racism brought to light where it exists. No one is arguing things have not gotten better. But being that Tiger is only around 31 years old and a Navy brat, his experiences are pretty recent, history wise. The truth is going to go a lot farther towards ridding us of racism as much as possible than ignoring it. We have decades of ignoring it to see that from.
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