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Originally Posted by fraggin View Post
I have a multimeter, but not an inline tool like for R/C. I fitted everything on today, need to balance and velcro in battery and adjust thrust angle on the motor. After that, just some reinforcing and a search for tall grass.

I tested the motor with that prop and it really screams. Sounds like an electric leaf blower.

Couple of questions though.

With all the gear and supposedly balanced, what kind of toss will I have to give it to test cg and glide with no power?

What kind of thrust angle do you guys reccomend?
i dont use any but or 2 degree right thrust wont hurt if its got a lot of torque roll

you can use a multimeter witha a 10 min mod and a few plugs an a reisister
look here its what i use it says 10a on meter but goes to 20 and will do more if you solder to the shunt inside
a post by sir Raleigh has the best pic took me 10 mins to do and i riped a reisister out of some dead leccy crap i always keep

my cg is just after the first tab after the wing /fuse join at about 4 and half cm after the wing break if its about there it will be golden dont need much of a lob to test just try it on maiden with power on, mine flew on first go even with cg to far back just trimmed it out you will enjoy this plane its my fave at the min
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