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Easy Way to Route Cutie Antenna

I just figgured out a fairly easy way to route the Cutie's antenna the way the manual suggests. Maybe this is what everybody does, but I thought I'd just share it. This may get confusing so bear with me. First, take about a foot length of solder wire and make a loop with equal amount of wire on both sides. Now slides this loop just beyond the antenna outlet hole; so you can see it from the space above the servos. Now, slide another piece of solder, about 6inches, through the antenna outlet. The trick is to get this wire through the loop on the larger solder. Once you get that, pull back on the looped solder wire. This should bring the shorter wire into grabbing distance. Luckily this worked for me the first time. Now, all you have to do is tape the antenna wire to the solder and pull the shorter solder wire out. Make sure to use a very sticky tape and as little as possible so that it still will fit through the antenna hole. Well, if you want I can get ya a picture of all this, its hard to explain. Well, I'm pretty much done with my Cuite now, just get to get the power package....thats a X-mas present!

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