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Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post
Do I understand the self leveling right in that if i get in trouble, I center the stick, and the heli goes horizontal level?

second: is the collective tied into the self leveling feature.

Third: if you turn up the self leveling gain, what does this do for a novice flying? in other words, can you feel the heli trying to fly more horizontal as to cruize around?

So many questions!

I'm going to answer your questions, but your questions tell me that there is quite a bit that you don't understand. In this discussion, I am assuming that you elected to make all of your gain stettings through the PC software.

Let's assume you have a DX7 Tx. You can program the Gear and AUX2 switches to toggle allternative memory/settings banks in the SK 720. I am used to using the Gear switch for my legacy tail gyro to toggle from HH mode to Rate mode, so I set up my 720 to work the same way. My Gear switch toggles between Tail 1 bank and Tail 2 bank. Tail 2 settings make the tail gyro part of the 720 act in a Rate mode.

My AUX2 switch toggles the banks Cyclic 1 and Cyclic 2. In Cyclic 2, I set the autolevel function (80%). When the rate settings in Cyclic 1 and Cyclic 2 are exactly the same (this is important), I can toggle to the self-leveling/bailout function by switching AUX 2.

In the autolevel mode, the heli acts much like a co-axial. When you center the sticks, the heli returns to a horizontal position. You can fly the heli in this mode, and you can reduce the amount of autolevel gain to meet your preference.

If you are learning to fly, you might want autolevel at 90 to 100%. As you gain skills and confidence, you can reduce that gain gradually until the heli acts like a normal, CP machine.

Now, your specific questions: (I'm sorry this post is so long):

(1) Only if you have the autolevel function set. You can toggle this on and off as you desire.

(2) No. Autolevel is cyclic only (at this time).

(3) No, this does not act like a Blade CX3 where the huge flybar tends to bring the heli back to horizontal despite your best efforts. The heli will move as long as the stick is not centered. The movement stops when the stick comes back to neutral. The main difference is that with a standard CP heli, the heli retains its orientation until you bring it back with the Tx.

I hope I've answered your questions.

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