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it's an outrunner but I'm installing it on a Wing Dragon which is also a pusher. it's easy to install as I already have made a mount when I removed the brushed motor and installed the brushless that I currently have.

I put a piece of wood from the inside where the brushed motor used to be and I screwd the base of the motor there.. VEry solid then used some locktite on the screws that holed the motor with the base... 28mm that is...

Let me know what is the motor exactly when you get it. Btw if you noticed this is V2 motor.
I didn't order the ESC as I already have one at 18 amps that is already running on the WD and another one that I pulled off from my F-22 which is 50 amps. currently i'm running a 3s setup which I don't have the numbers but with the 4s I only got 12.6amps on a 7x4 prop. VERY powerful on 4S but nose heavy.

To deal with the heat theres nothing I can do I think.. I will just pray :P
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