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Yes, the Skyhooks and Rigging recievers are single conversion with minimal filtering to achieve the absolute minimum in weight and so are very prone to glitching indoors around other transmitters. If most of your flying is indoors at fly ins, get the new GWS R4P reciever with the JST connectors and change out the antenna wire with 19" of small diameter magnet or relay wire. With these modifications you only pick up a couple of grams of weight compared to the Sky+Rig reciever and you don't have to sweat interference at indoor meets. Not to mention saving about $70.........

The size and weight of airplane you're talking about can't handle the weight of lithiums. I don't think Tadirans are available any more and even the lightest of these is over budget for a 12" span plane. Lithium Ion's are even worse. If you are going to use a firefly motor, DC5 coreless or a geared N20, I'd say your best bet would be 4-6 120mah nimh cells. They only weigh 3.2 grams each and will provide up to 1.5 amps of current which should be plenty for the motors I mentioned.

You'll just have to go to the Sky+Rig web site and check the specs of their hybrid reciever/ESC. You're looking for 120khz or more frequency if you wan't to make sure and not kill your coreless motor prematurely. Even so, you're still stuck with the glitching in crowds problem.

I'm not familiar with E-cubed antenna's. I'm sure range is not a problem, so it's really just a question of weight. Would magnet/relay wire weigh less? You're going to have to challenge every .1 gram on this plane if you want it to fly well.
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