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Originally Posted by donsinger1 View Post
I fly in fairly tight areas and wanted to try the Airbrake function on my Minimag. However, when I setup the Airbrake, nothing seems to happen to the I need to set the % to 100 to get them to move up? Or, is the function designed to work with Flaps instead.

Also, to do the arbrk-elev mix, do you need to setup the Airbrake function first (specifying aileron and elev. %) but not assign a switch, and then setup the mix assigning a switch and the RS slider at the same time?

A tad confused (this is the only function that has me a bit perplexed...this radio is really easy to use).

Airbrake is a little confusing because of the terminology... I would have preferred to call the mix "land" as the function is similar to this mix we have in the Eclipse or Optic. Now, the airbrake that can be added in the start up is different... I would always refer to this as a "spoiler" which is typically used in sailplanes which is a unit that pops straight up out of the wing and acts as a brake... okay airbrake I guess it's accurate but don't confuse the physical device with the mix.

Now, using the airbrake mix with an aircraft with dual aileron servos will allow you to flip a switch and have the ailerons act as flaps with elevator compensation to keep the model level. You can set the ailerons to go down and then mix in some down elevator which will slow the plane down, or have them go up with a little up elevator that will help the plane settle to the ground; some airplanes just don't want to land so the latter is more desirable for these types of "floaters." Note: You must assign a switch for this mix to be active.

Flap Condition is also another way you can activate flaps (flapperons.) In this mix the default control is the left slider (LS) but you can change that to what ever you want... Note that when using LS the center of the slider is neutral so you have the option of ailerons down (flaps) or up (spoiler) with elevator compensation in either direction. If you leave the switch select for this at "NULL" then the mix is always active. Assign it to a switch to turn it on and off. This mix is also tied to the flight condition so can be set multiple ways depending on the condition you are in.

As is the case with the Aurora, there is typically many ways to achieve your desired outcome. Experiment with each to determine which method suits you best.

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