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Originally Posted by thanhTran View Post
Hi Kapteinkuk

I've been watching this thread with great interest. I loved the flying chicken so much and the simplicity of your project that I decided to duplicate your great work.
So I got the PCB done & programmed. However, I got some weird issues with the arming of the controller. I'm using your V3 software in a somewhat modified V3 (i.e I'm using a voltage reference chip instead of the LM317)

My TX is a Hitec Eclipse 7. The actual radio RF module can be replaced by either the stock Specktra module or the modified original Specktrum DX6 TX. With the original Specktra module and an old Berg6 RX, the quad controller is armed immediately no matter what position of the throttle stick, and I can see the servos hooked to the Motor connectors moved with my throttle stick movement. However, when I use the DX6 RF Tx module in my Eclipse 7 and a AR6000 RX, the quad controller just does not arm no matter what throttle stick position is.

Before I built the quad, I've verified that my TX with the Spektrum RF and an AR6000 have sequence channels with a logic analyzer ( with a BusPrivate V2). I've also compared the signals of Ch1, Ch3, Ch5 of both RF module and RX setups, they are basically almost identical down to micro seconds.

During live poking with the logic analyzer, sometimes somehow the controller got armed with this Eclipse7 Spektrum set up, and I got servo movement as expected.
I've checked the signal level of both RX'es, they are both around 3.29v.

I'm running out of idea of what causes this. Any suggestion? I'm thinking about hooking a ttl uart to the PD6 to see what you have for debug there, but I'm thinking about asking the expert first. Any suggestions?

Thanks Kaptein!

Hitec uses the samme channel ordering as Futaba. But Im not sure what the problem is. If you connect a terminal to PD6 and enable the debug code you can get the channels as seen by the atmega.
Also you can try the new V4.
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