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Bits & Pieces

I masked off the top hatch perimeter and painted it with American Accents "Oil Rubbed Bronze" aerosol after sanding with 320p paper. Not quite black and not too glossy. I also decided to temporarily install the supplied main axles while I decide what to do about the wheel pants.
Those wheel pants. I've never been a big fan of them and I know there are some Decathlons without them so I may fly that way for a while. Still, I've decided to go ahead and fit them anyway. I placed them over the wheel and marked along the edges of LG using a Sharpie. I then sanded the recess to fit over the axle with a 1/2" sanding drum in the trusty Dremel. A 1-1/2" block at the back helped me gauge how deep to sand the recess and once that was done I marked the pants for the screws through the pre-bored LG. I opened up the screw holes for the "T"-nuts. I'll glass those in and I'll have a quick-change set of wheel pants. There's a shot of the Fuz with the pants in place.
I filed a flat on the axles for the set screws in the wheel collars but also added a cotter pin as shown. A little bit of safety.
There's also a shot of the 64oz B&B tank in place. Its pretty much on the CG which is where it should be. Notice the stiffeners under the mid-tray for the velcro staps.
Some of the t-nuts for the cowl were not aligned to my liking. I used an X-acto saw to help cut them away and actually it wound up being pretty easy to pop the strips off. A quick cleanup up with a sanding drum in the Dremel and some thickened epoxy put everything back where it needed to be.
Asher Carmichael is online now Find More Posts by Asher Carmichael
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