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Bloody Fingers!

That was me with the bloody finger! Trust me - it doesn't matter how good you are at launching models, a rearward prop is always going to be a potential danger! I have been throwing models by hand for over 35 years and the Xeno was the first one that ever bit me on launch!!!

Since my accident I have now had over 30 flights all launched with the motor off like Jürgen in his video (nice video Jürgen) and never had a problem.

By the way, I have been experimenting with the Xeno as a potential FPV platform but the first problem that came to light was that when I fitted a spy cam to the nose and noticed the fact that it tends to Dutch roll and oscillate badly from side to side (Yaw) when exiting a turn, flying slowly or in a cross wind. While this is not much of a problem or even noticeable when flying normally, on camera (and therefore FPV) it looks awful. However, by increasing the fin area by about 100% I have managed to almost eliminate it completely. It's so stable now that I can even fly round me in a very tight turn like a control line model at low throttle settings without it falling out the sky!

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