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Originally Posted by TongueTied View Post
How about a 450 sized version of this one?
If you are talking about the 450 size Fenestron for Blue thunder , the fist model in market ec-135 (Align and Rush heli ) version are from my hand in 3 three year ago .In that moment . the experience tell me this size are not easy to success the fenestron in this small size . The 450 size ,power .motor choice ,fenestron power efficiency ,battery size and flying weight ratio ,micro part durable ,scale look ,All the trems can not go same direction ,i have give up that item long time ago , but in this moment , even you can see the 450 fenestron model still a lot problem and still not good in performance . The design of the fenestron is not a "look same " . The intake lip ,fan blades airfoil ,fan blades number,are extremely important ,and the fan working rmp . rudder efficiency ,a lot a lot consided point . So we have research a lot informaion from the real fenestron and consult a lot from the aerial engineer .And i have a chance to see the full size ec-130 and know the fan blades are "not balance" The distance between the blades are not the same distance , i ask the engineer why the blades are not in same distance ,the reply are (it running will balance ) .The real answere is less the voice .it make the fan silent and less vibation .so we know how to make a silent and high efficiency fenestron , in the test flying . Our fan are smaller than Hirobo but the power are higher than Hirobo and sound very silent and more sensitive reaction .so we can make the heli back ward flying but we just use a normal 401 gyro .The blades number are the big point . see the full size are also odd number , Hirobo are 7 piece my fan is 9 piece ,The high efficiency design are slim and long blades (same a glider wing ) it less power loading , the bad design are short and wide wing cord (big area are not big efficiency ) so we have learn a lot from this "fenestron school " .Back to the Blue thunder and Gazelle ,We are step up to complete it and the next will be the Gazelle in this year . We have some man power move to full composite areoplane .so we are the righ time use the epoxy in the full line products . . I have measure the J/Seahawk fuselage 800 size(friberglass) are 1600 g only so this model will be the flying weight about 6.5-7 kg only in a 800 size .Other similar size market products are 12-15 kg .So you see the photo that is 90% completed fuselage and inside are installed ply wood former and cnc landing gear .the super light epoxy fuselage are extremely light and strong . The Germany epoxy are make this hobby world .....Happy Happy !
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