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Smoked Turnigy Rewind or Trash ?

I had a Turnigy 2836-2350 in my funjet and I let the magic smoke out of it. I guess 4s and a 5X5 prop was a bit much I tore the motor down magnets had came loose windings burned etc. Is this motor worth the trouble to rewind ? I have never rewound a motor before but thought it might be a fun rainy day project. Getting the wire is extremely simple for me because I just happen to be friends with a guy that rewinds industrial motors for a living. He has every gauge of wire known to man in his shop. If I do rewind it is all I need wire and some kind of glue to stick the magnets back down ? If I remember right the motor had 9 strands of wire with 7 turns. If I go with say 5 strands of a heavier wire and the same amount of turns will it handle more current draw and stay the same KV? I am a total noob at this stuff.
Hance is online now Find More Posts by Hance
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