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If you look at the File > Document Properties it will tell you the size of that white area the parts were drawn on. It is 61-1/2" by 38" on the parts drawing document but the parts themselves do not fill the entire area as you can see. I have to do it that way to get the parts so that they can be printed and scaled up and down. I have to draw them full sized and that is what really drives the paper size, how much room is needed to fit all the parts into.

When you want to print that at home you can zoom out to see the full page and then step through the page starting with page one. If you make a note of what pages have the parts line on them and only print those pages you can save a lot of paper. As I see it for my printer I only have to print the following pages:

pages (total)
4-6 (3)
10-13 (4)
15 (1)
18-24 (7)
26-27 (2)
29-32 (4)

When I print those I see a black border all the way around and I trim the first row of pages I printed to the border line on the right.

Then I lay the first page on the second page, overlapping the left edge and aligned with the left border of the second page and any parts lines. I stick those in alignment with bits of clear Duck brand standard grade package sealing tape (from Wal-Mart) and continue to the right to the end of the first row. You end up with five separate groups of taped together pages and one single loose page

Then start with the stuff from two 2 and higher rows and trim them to the border at the top. Lay those in alignment on the bottom of the row one pages, again aligning the parts lines.

Continue that and you'll have a big sheet that is part of the drawing area and it will have some holes or gaps in it but you should see all the parts.

Then start laying long strips of the clear tape on each of the page overlaps. Then turn it over and tape the overlaps on the back. Then lay tape centered on the part outlines on the front to give you thicker and stronger edges for the parts templates.

Finally, get it on a cutting mat or a surface you can cut on and use straight edges to cut the parts templates free from the taped together conglomeration of pages and you are a done deal. For future builds it will save you a lot of time.

As far as the Kinko thing I have never done that so I'm not sure how it would work. You don't need the entire 61-1/2" so if you can take the drawing file to them on a disc or memory card maybe they can frame and print it selectively with their software there. If you use "D" sized 22 x 34 paper and printer three overlapping sheets from left to right and with the 34" side vertical, it would give you the whole drawing I think.

Or maybe they can print the whole thing on one bigger piece of paper. But the important thing is that they do it with out scaling the parts to fit on the paper, they have to be printed full sized to work.

Let us know how that works out if you got to Kinkos. If you can find an old school blueprint shop or drafting shop that makes blueprints, maybe they can do it for you.

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