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Reinforcing Prop Slot with Skewers

The prop slot can take a beating as my photos show. I am putting skewer inside the corrugations there to strengthen that.

The first skewers have to be put in place before you glue the KFm strips on or you won't have access to the holes.

The bamboo skewers are in the food section or maybe at the Dollar store and are the size that are a little larger than a toothpick. They are about 0.140-0.150" or 3.5mm in diameter. Buy a bag or bundle of them.

Slide a skewer into the still closed/not cut corrugation along the front of the prop slot. If you can't slide it most of the way in easily, use the 60/80 grit sanding pad to fine tune the diameter or look for one that fits. Snip the sharp pointed end off and slide the skewer into the coro. Then test fit another skewer and use it to push the first one further in. Then take a piece of 1/8" brazing rod or coat hanger and push both of the skewers until they are centered over the prop slot.

Take more skewers and cut them into 3" long lengths. Slide those into the open corrugations in the prop slot to reinforce them. I did six rows on each side, sliding them in flush with the coro after the photo was taken.

The skewers only add about 12-15 grams to the build, don't worry about it.

Struggle with your self control, fight it off and win if you think it is a good idea to put skewers in every corrugation. You get that much bamboo on the plane and it may get swatted out of the air by a hungry panda bear.

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