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Originally Posted by abenn View Post
In theory -- and that's assuming that manufacturers are honest/accurate about the mAh and C ratings they give their packs -- 1,000mAh rated 20C and 2,000mAh rated 10C are going to be able to comfortably deliver the same amps, volts, watts. But, as has already been said here, some manufacturers seem to have a history of being over-optimistic.

But what's also important for most people is time/quantity, and in the above example the 2,000mAh pack will keep your model running for twice the duration of the 1,000mAh pack. So, personally, if given a choice, and if other factors such as dimensions and cost didn't rule it out, I would always go for more mAh over higher C rating
agreed: <manufacturers OVER optimistic claims> being the key to the puzzle here .
Also, for a given capacity, those with lower C-rating are relatively smaller & lighter, I think.
What I mean here is just that: get the biggest capacity you can for space/weight limitations, giving less importance to C-rating. Saves you cash into the bargain.
Thanks for your input!
Cheers, Bob
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