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Originally Posted by I R Irv View Post
Gordon couldn't you make a wing strut mount like your landing gear mount that way you could still slide your wing forward and backward possibly two of them one in front one in back.
I can't wait too see this one fly wish I lived buy you. TODD
To give you a sense of the tradeoffs, the laminated ply piece for the landing gear weighs 0.15g. So, two of those for wing strut mounts would weight 0.30g. The piece of foam I used instead weighed 0.01g.

But, the big reason is still triangle versus rectangle. The triangle method results in a wing which is not only stiffened for up and down rigidity, but it doesn't twist either. Try it. Its surprisingly stiff and twist resistant. And, it allows the use of pretty thin and light CF rods. Also, the light ply method does't allow CF rods to come in at an angle, they have to be perpendicular to the fuselage stick (at least the way I do them).

That said, on my Der Jager bipe I had it so the landing gear mount also had two sockets pointing up, and I ran a pair of CF wing struts down into those sockets. However, on that plane the outer wing struts take care of preventing twisting, and I didn't have a second pair of struts angled aft. See this picture.

I've never needed to slide a wing on a vapor forward and backward. I achieve CG changes by moving the battery.

Anyway try this wing bracing method and see how it performs. you might be surprised.

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