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I really like that DAT-750 motor but it seems to be getting hard to find. Hobby King has it in 700 and 750 Kv and is back ordered on both.

I think what makes the DAT-750 work so well is the large 40mm bell and 750 Kv. It is like it has more torque or inertia in that big bell or something. Maybe it is the Harley-Davidson of brushless motors?

It is rated at 18A max and I been pumping that much and more (in bursts) through mine for a long time and it is handling it fine. But throttle back and slowed down with the stronger slow fly props like the Great Planes Power Flow Slow Fly props, it has the low RPM power.

If you use about any 80 gram or so low Kv (750-1200 or so) motor that will run at about 20A continuous on a 3S LiPO, producing about 200 Watts of power, it should produce all the fun that most of us can handle.

I just spent 30 minutes cruising the motor listing at HK and don't see a motor that seems like a good replacement. I'll study that a little more...

The ultimate demise of the frist one was from a combination of minor cracks and cold weather brittleness in the coro. The first cracks were in the corners of the prop cutout and were from prop strikes when I didn't get off the power quick enough when it hit trees and stuff. The cracks grew over time and a large number of hard nose first impacts didn't help either. Eventually it started to break in half in flight. It was actually flapping it's wings in flight!

I'm going to slide some bamboo skewers in the corrugations around the prop slot to strengthen that area against blade strikes a little on the build I just started.

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