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The ailerons on this plane use a knuckle type hinge with a carbon tube for the pin. This is a really nice feature which allows you to remove the ailerons for service or recovering. I wanted the same feature for the stab, rudder and doors so I decided to replace the kit supplied hinge points with rivetless Robart hinge points and use 1/16” music wire pins. I captured the pins as shown in the photos and used brass cotter pins on the doors. This makes for easy removal if required. Thanks to Al Clark for the idea for using the screw to lock the pins in place.
Here are a couple of thoughts concerning hinge points. I cut my hinges to length so that the minimum amount sticks beyond the attach block or spar. I also wash my hinges with soap and water, allow to dry and then do a quick rinse with denatured alcohol to remove any possible molding residue. A brushing with a wire wheel in the Dremel will scarify the surface nicely and give the epoxy plenty of tooth. If you hold the Dremel as shown in the photo, you can actually let the tool orbit around the hinge point which makes quick work of it.
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