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I anticipate a recovering job in the future if the Decathlon proves to be the plane I hope it is. While the factory covering job is more than adequate, I think covering it in Stits Lite will be in order. We all know what happens to film coverings and details over time.
For this reason, I wanted to be able to remove the windows. I decided to use the basswood strips on the cabin windows and balsa fillers on the doors. There is a tiny rabbet on the basswood strips to match the thickness of the windows and the strips are glued to the windows using thick Zap. No adhesive is used on the balsa fillers used on the door windows except for some thin Zap in the screw holes to harden them up. This allows me to screw all the windows in place using #2 x screws.
The windscreen is also held in place using these same screws but requires adding hardpoints as shown. The 1/16 music wire is pushed through the screw hole in the fuselage so the end of the music wire is at about the centerline and easier to access. You slip the hardpoint, which has thickened epoxy on the backside, onto the wire and push it along the wire until it seats against the fuselage. Remove the wire and the hardpoint is pretty much where it needs to be.
Asher Carmichael is online now Find More Posts by Asher Carmichael
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