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Hi Ray,

To your questions:

It is the Turborix DAT-750, I got my "T" brands mixed up. And to further the confusion, Hobby King has renamed that motor to be the Hextronik DT750, you can see it here:

Or the DT700 will work too:

Both are out of stock right now so it you order them from HK it will delay your entire order until when/if the item is ever in stock again.

If you want a recommendation for a similar motor and are going to order from Hobby King let me know and I'll recommend one that will work.

The A123 batteries I used on that have the 1100 mAh cells and the pack weighs about 175 grams. Those cells came to me cheap ($3.75 a cell) when Wal-Mart was closing out B&D VPX packs. They will cost you about three to four times that now so you'll probably want to use a 3S LiPO pack instead. Something like this in a 1800 to 2200 or so size:

It will be about the same weight as the A123 pack and that will make the CG work out about right.

The DAT-750 is rated for 18A, mine pulls up to 25A for short periods without self destructing. So for an ESC you would want one rated a little higher than 25A, like a 30 or 40 or so to give yourself a little "cushion" there. I like the Castle Creations ESCs and would use a Thunderbird 36 there.

I buy those on eBay and usually get them below retail, like about $30-40 or so. They are U.S. made and more expensive than the cheap imports.

For an HK ESC the Turnigy Plush 30 would work:

The HXT900 servo is always a good choice for servos, use them til they don't work, then throw them away and don't look back or feel bad. They are good and reliable though:

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