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I thought about that. First, the landing gear ply mount is heavier than the piece of foam I went with. Two of those types of mounts are twice as heavy. And, with one in the back and one in the front you give up the triangle configuration. The wing will twist because the two wing struts and the wing and fuselage form a parallelogram rather than a triangle. To get any reasonable stiffness and no twist would require larger diameter CF rods. With a triangle configuration I can use the minimal diameter CF rod and save weight. The triangle method I used here is the same as what I used on my Airbender. The only difference is instead of the fuselage being made of foam where I leave a spot to pass the CF rods through I glued that piece of foam in. Also, my landing gear mount doesn't slide forward and back. It's fixed. I don't have any need to slide the wing on this forward and back.

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