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Some other pictures of decals made from tissue to give you something to think about. I've also done great nose art on warbirds, added real pictures of people and even done pilot busts with one of my daugters faces on the head, 3 dimensional.

Some history/pitfalls/shortcuts and just plain saves you the time:

I've used spray 77 to mount. Messy and tough to align because once you touch, it's there to stay.

Elmer's rubber cement, I put 1 light coat on decal, one on airframe (masked off), dry, sticks like glue, but good. See note above about alignment.

Glue stick only. OK, but I do think the WBPU addition is far better for adhesion and durability.

White glue only. OK, but makes lumps under the decal. Most of the time they will disappear, but hard to squeeze any excess from under the decal when mounting.

Epoxy. If you must because of certain circumstances. Hard to find clear epoxy like Power Poxy unless a retailer near you carries it.

Doublesided tape. Well where did you save the weight now, and doesn't look painted on. Why don't you use label paper instead!

CyA. Never tried it?

Can you actually coat over these with other finishes when done. YES... Just make sure the finish is compatable by testing first.

I'll try to come back and post some more examples sometime but need to take some pictures first.

If you found this useful or helpful, let me know.

I often wonder if anyone really reads these mini-how-too's anyway? Might tempt me to do more of them.

Pass it along to someone in need on a project, they may like it. It sure has made my projects more fun and interesting. Peace!

(Freddie B)
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