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Yes, upon initial lock the GPS will drift quite a bit. If you want the GPS to lock upon a more stringent position fix, lower the "Valid HDOP" setting in the menu. This is currently set to 2.30 which isn't very stringent but will facilitate getting a home fix more quickly. Setting it to 1.5, for example, will make the criteria more stringent and will take longer to get the initial fix but will also get a more accurate initial position so that you don't see as much "drift". If you use too stringent a value, such as 0.5, you will never get a position fix because the GPS will never get that kind of accuracy.

Once you do get a fix, it is normal to see some drifting depending on your location. If you are indoors, especially, you are more likely to see all kinds of drift. This is the state of current GPS technology unfortunately, unless you can afford some really high-end GPS units which can give you much better precision. Even then you need to be outdoors.) This is why there is the option to reset your position and altitude in the menu.

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