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Setup for electric fullhouse glider

Originally Posted by tiju000 View Post
Ok quick question.

I fly sailplane ( most of them electric) and most of them fullhouse.

I want to have the throttle gimbal to control my motor in one flight mode and my flaps in another one.

I want to have the "no motor" at the stick bottom position. I want to have the "no flaps" also at the bottom position.

Is there a way of doing it ?


Dear Thierry Please refer to Mike's setup and my response: "
Originally Posted by nahum View Post
Mike, Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately HPP-22 Is not available here as yet (on order). One of the main reason I moved from the JR 9303 to A9 was telemetry and updating capability of the A9 (+ a Very good deal for the exchange and a great support of the LHS). My current set-up is 5 flight conditions with SW-E and SW-C. SW-E ( Launch Normal landing also control Motor in Launch with on speed of 2.0 with no delay and Crow mixer in Landing with J3. I tried to mix J3 for motor control Aux=>Motor 100 (-) to cancel them out in every mode but Launch. but it did not work because i was unable get enough offset for the motor controller to work. I will be grateful for your solution Thank you for your great customer support best, Nahum update: I saw your solution Qoute: "I assigned throttle to channel 8 (J3) with channel 7 being Aux1 (Null) then pmixed Throttle to Aux1 which can be changed in all flight conditions assigned. This will allow you to do what you ask here. I had to assign Aux2 to channel 9 and then assigned it to the same switch that activated B-fly & condition named B-fly. Then I mixed Aux2 to Aux1 so that when activated the throttle goes to low. Remember, ESC is plugged into CH7 Aux1. I know it sounds confusing, but once you understand these techniques other set ups you follow! Also remember that higher flight conditions have higher priority, and that P-mixes 6,7, & 8 have point curves where the first 5 are linier. " Mike, A brilliant solution if I may say so. I programed accordingly - Thank you very much There are two caveats 1. If you are using a 3 points switch for a multiple flight modes (In my case SwE for Launch Normal Landing SwC Speed Normal Thermal) and SwE for B-fly (crow) in Landing than you must have active throttle control J3 in all other flight mode - may actually be an advantage compared to the JR 9303 set up. 2. you run out of channels (You may trick channel 9 Aux2 to control landing gear - i will have to think about that!) a better solution is to have channel assignment per flight mod and / or to have additional virtual channels in the program (no point to assign bandwidth of transmission and output in the receiver to an internal logical operator. Thanks again Nahum
I flew a Multiplex Cularis with this setup and 7 channel Rx with no problem. Please note that in the down J3 position (for motor control during all flight mode - the motor is off. In the Landing flight mode - to motor is off in all J3 positions. J3 control B-fly (crow) the low position is for flaps down ailerons up. if you want to reverse that try reversing Right and left Flaps. Best, Nahum
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