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Originally Posted by twoplanekid View Post
As I recall from my Champ days, the visibility out the front on the ground, the ease of entry and exit, and the room inside was much better than the Cub. And now, with the great pricing of your Champ, I may just have to add one, or two, or three to go along with the Cub.
I learned on a Champ. The Champion Aircraft version. My flying instructor switched to the Champ after a first time student sitting behind him in a cub pulled the stick all the way back on takeoff and wrecked the plane. He was unable to do anything except (as he put it) tail walk it down.

After that he decided that he was sitting in the back when he taught. If nothing else at least he could clout the student in the head if need be.

He said it was a good thing the student was able to outrun him or he'd (my instructor) have probably wound up in jail.

Anyway, it's little different than the Champion Aircraft version (more dorsal on that) but close enough to bring up fond memories. BTW. you can see the ground WAY better from the rear seat. I always wondered why my instructor kept seeing deer and stuff that I was missing until I took a rear seat ride to see what it was like. Second BTW. I solo'd on skis. We had real winters in those days.

I wish all these little things were built to the same scale, but I'll take them any way I can get them. Next year I'll complain about scale.

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