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Originally Posted by Boneswamped View Post

-I will most likely use a 3-blade scale heli for the head since it will be easier than machining one. The cyclic inputs with a swashplate will require much less torque than a tilting rotor system in most of my other autogyro's
-I don't have plans at this time to install tip jets, or have a blade collective pitch feature

I'm pretty stoked about this....I'm looking for input and opinions guys.

I think the swash/heli head is the right way to go. If you CG correct the blades at the 1/3 chord and make the bolt hole the same the control loads will be very light. A tilty-cyclic head with three blades at this size will need some serious servos, not to mention getting the damping right on the head. More than likely at this size the three bladed head will be very controllable, and you can always add tip weight to get it under control. As an easy (but maybe costly) bailout you can always add one of the flybarless control systems that are readily available now and make it fly any way you want.
I wouldn't remove the collective function myself. WIth the tilty heads you can tilt the whole rotor back and speed up the spin up. With a cyclic head you don't have that tilt to work with so being able to reduce the pitch will greatly help the spinup. You could probably couple the collective with throttle so the pitch comes up to the right value just as you reach takeoff throttle setting. Just an idea to play with.
I'll be watching your progress.....
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