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Originally Posted by Daniel Wee View Post
Hi magnetman,

A little unrelated but I'm interested to know what happened. So the autopilot was working and suddenly started a slow spiral. At the same time you could not control the plane at 1km? Could it be possible that something else had gone wrong? Have you tested and configured the autopilot under working conditions?

In the meantime, if you are interested in the DragonOSD+, you should grab one at USD99 while you can. We are down to just a few more units that we are prepared to let go at this price. After that the price will go up to USD130.

Hi Daniel,

I have had the autopilot working fine in calm conditions, yes. . I have it set up on a 3 way switch on the TX and can switch it in and out easily. What I do know is that the wing loading was quite high with a large battery and allthe pan/tilt kit on board (Thunder Tiger E- Hawk 2m electric glider) and it was quite prone to tipstalling if slowed down too much, sometimes it would drop out of stability if too windy and I would have to revert to manual, otherwise the AP would hardover trying to correct. I think this it what happened, the slow spin developed into a virtual vertical dive, by which time it looks as if one of the wings was half way folded. but - I did not have the presence of mind to switch it out in time. Pity my video recorder stopped working, I was flying it from TV screen. I have had it all working on the bench since and it is fine.

Never mind! was going to build a new setup anyway!

Yes I would love the new one at that price!! !! please PM me your Paypal email or whatever

Best Regards

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