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I got my used Wasp V3 free with my Big Lama acquisition. I otherwise would never think about ever starting off with a 6CH Collective Pitched heli. At first, I couldn't get her to do anything, much less hover. It wasn't till after reading the manuals & forums that I realized the tail rotors were spinning in the wrong direction. So I decided to completely take the heli apart (except for the rotor head assembly) and after a few tweaks (such as straightening out the 'warped' airframe) I was able to finally get her to hover! It was such a rush to see her in the air & actually responding to stick controls (instead of doing its own thing)! I still do all my nose-in & figure-8 practicing on the Big Lama, though.

My Wasp V3 is currently on the sidelines as I snapped off one of the ball-ends on the CNC swash plate. I was using 'normal' pliers to remove the ball-link off and then snap! I've since learned my lesson & ordered a ball-link plier.

Looking on the swashplate, the ball-ends appear to screw-on/off. Anyone know if I can just buy the ball-end pieces?
OK... I was able to answer my own question. A few weeks ago, I ordered a screw-set for the Wasp v4... it just arrived yesterday. I was expecting only screws... fortunately, it came with what I needed . I carefully drilled out the old part, but it's back together again.
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