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Gasser Scale "WNF 342 Doblhoff"

Hi guys,
I'm going to attempt my own scratch build of a scale pusher(mainly because I'll never own a Tempest). Here's a list of some of the design goals:
-30-50cc Gas engine
-True scale head(which will probably be my first compromise)
-Built-up blades
-modular in design so it can be broken down for transport
-It must be Ugly
-Complete in time for the Muncie fly in

I am only planning things out for now, but I want it to be very large. The power plant will be a 30-50cc Gas engine. The rest of the aircraft will be scaled to that end. The drawings and details will be made available as I develop them. I don't intend to make a single penny, I'm doing it for the love of the hobby, and wouldn't want to be bothered with the hassle involved anyway(Besides some would just steal my plans and sell them on E-bay).

I've narrowed the candidates for the build down to two. One is a German design of which I have very little information(Not even sure of it's name). The other is a Pitcairn YO-61.
If anyone has any details or info on either of these aircraft, I would greatly appreciate your input. I'm trying to aquire some good line drawings to plan from. I'm also interested in all input and opinions. I would very much like to find scale drawings of the actual heads used in these aircraft to build from. I'm sure machining the bits will cost me a fortune since I'll have to hire the work out.

I realize that neither of the two aircraft would win any favor from anyone that has been blessed with the gift of sight, but I am oddly drawn to both of the poor ugly ducklings.

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