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Originally Posted by Oracus View Post
I had 1 1/2 good flights 1st was just hovering around checking everything out, 2nd was idle up hovering, forward and back(tail-in) and few piros with some wind 7-10mph, 1/2 way thru I piro'd right and lost too much altitude gave some thr to keep from hitting the ground and had a boom strike(almost chopped he boom in half). I broke afew things and I will get it up again in no time.
Well Kyle,
I am running out of Blade 400's to total lol. My 400-1 is still sitting on the shelf needing a new frame and other parts, but I did not want to rebuilt it. Now today, in the glare of the sun and it being overcast it was nearly impossible to see they heli when she slipped over to the sunny side of the field. I fought like a dog to save her BUT she was heading right for me inverted, I mean right at ME. It was me or the ground. I was so sure I would be hit after I throttled her down I turned my back to the heli and my feet were still planted, there was not time to even take a step. BANG she hit the ground 6 feet from me on the runway. I had been flying easy as this was my first heli flight of the day. My little voice told me to be REAL careful in this glare but I thought I could deal with it, with a hat and sun glasses. Apparently not This heli is totalled. The only thing left is the motor, servos 3, and the CF tail fin. For the first time in my 2.5 years I had a rc smoke and start a fire via the ESC. Believe it or not the battery took a hit but appears to be OK. But she is buried deep in my (Jay type) cinder block bunker just in case.
Now its time to jump on to the new 450 TT Pro kit sitting on the shelf. Gedder done I say.
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