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Hi all great to read about my Helicopter... I have purchased the Wasp V3 7ch 2.4g and Im pretty pleased I bought it... Only trouble is I have flown it only twice and doesnt seem to like to hover at all ... I have stripped the main gear already and I even had training Kit on.. My supplier in Hongkong claims that they test fly all machines before delivery but I tell you maybe I am used to Co-Axials and this is my first 2 Blade Machine.. I know one thing it doesnt like even a small amount of wind and thats one of the reasons I bought it I thought it would take some little wind and fly Outside but maybe I have made a big mistake... I have to wait now for Hongkong to send Main Gear and I have also ordered from Skyartec also... So I hope I get more flying time in the future when I refit the gear..
Any tips from you all out there would be most helpful for me as I am only one in my Country Town In Australia population 500 that flies Helicopters and of course no Hobby shops for miles.. Thank goodness for Internet...Anyway if you can give me any clues It would be great... I might upgrade to metal parts but I wont spend money on the Wasp until I know its worth it.


The Airwolf - Australia
I got my used Wasp V3 free with my Big Lama acquisition. I otherwise would never think about ever starting off with a 6CH Collective Pitched heli. At first, I couldn't get her to do anything, much less hover. It wasn't till after reading the manuals & forums that I realized the tail rotors were spinning in the wrong direction. So I decided to completely take the heli apart (except for the rotor head assembly) and after a few tweaks (such as straightening out the 'warped' airframe) I was able to finally get her to hover! It was such a rush to see her in the air & actually responding to stick controls (instead of doing its own thing)! I still do all my nose-in & figure-8 practicing on the Big Lama, though.

My Wasp V3 is currently on the sidelines as I snapped off one of the ball-ends on the CNC swash plate. I was using 'normal' pliers to remove the ball-link off and then snap! I've since learned my lesson & ordered a ball-link plier.

Looking on the swashplate, the ball-ends appear to screw-on/off. Anyone know if I can just buy the ball-end pieces?
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