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What plane is this? Debolt Livewire Champ-w/short video

I just picked this plane up for $35.00 at an estate sale. It's old I know that and that is all I know. When I picked it up and felt how light it was I knew it was perfect for electric. Fuse weighs 500g and the wing is 300g. WS is 55.5 inches and the fuse is 38.5 inches.

AUW dry = 1.76 lbs/28.21 oz.

I can make it lighter by taking the fuel tank out. and the bulkheads can get lightening holes.

It needs new covering on the fuse. The wing needs ailerons. I'll put a battery hatch. Not sure where, the bottom is a perfect cadidate but if it needs nose weight weight then I'll make the hatch where the fuel tank is.

This was a point and shoot plane. No throttle control and no ground steering. That is was a 3 channel is amazing considering the size of the rudder and the electronics that were in one of the other planes shows that the servos were the ON/OFF type (they looked like those little wind up music box mechanisms).

It appears to have been a Dmeco kit. The cabin looks like the front of a wheel house on a boat. (light bulb just doesn't have the wind screen...DUH.)

With modern electronics it should fly great. I'll throw a Turnigy 35-42 1000kv,

Two 3s 2650mah 20c batts in parallel...more flight time.

So does anyone know what on earth this design is?

I'll post this in a more trafficked forum as well but I figure if some know what it is they would prolly be visiting this forum.
reacher10 is online now Find More Posts by reacher10
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