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Originally Posted by JettPilot View Post
El Cheapo,

I can certainly understand that you are upset by the news that there is a full featured OSD being sold at less than half the price of the Range Video OSD, but that is the nature of FPV, equipment gets better and cheaper over time. You could not have possibliy expected to hold the market forever at 405.00 dollars for a full featured OSD. I know this will lower your sales and your income, and I do not take pleasure in that, but that is just the nature of electronics and FPV, things get better and cheaper. The entire FPV community benefits....

You are very wrong in this statement, I know more and have way more experience than most people with FPV equipment, RF Noise, and issues encountered setting up differnt types of planes. But I will address some of your concerns.

First - The infared Remote: This is just an extra peice of equipment needed to program the menu settings in your OSD, carry around and possibly forget at home, and adds of lot of unnecessary expense to the OSD. You also need to be very close to the plane and have direct sight to the sensor to program your OSD. I much perfer the simplicity of selecting menu options with the RC transmitter itself. Up - Down stick for menu item, left - right to change the value, no extra equipment needed, and I can do it from anywhere, near or far, and so simple a caveman could do it Your statement that Daniels menu system is more likely to cause a crash is just totally false. Daniel menu system is simple, elegant, less expensive, does not require extra equipment, and works perfectly anywhere anytime.

GPS - Daniels Dragon OSD can be used with the latest and best GPS modules, it accepts many different models. There is a HUGE performance difference between GPS modules, and they are getting better all the time. I perfer to choose my own GPS, which I did, the very sensitive Locosys 20031 with a bakcup battery for super fast starts, 66 channel capability, and 10 HZ, ( 10 Times a second updates ), and it only cost me 59 dollars from DPCAV . What are the specs on the GPS on the Range Video OSD ??? I would be willing to bet they are not as good as what I have for the Dragon OSD

RF Interference. I have never experienced RF interference in any OSD, and I have run more RF power on my plane than anyone else in this forum ( 5000 mW ). I perfer not to have the extra weight, size, of RF block that I have never needed. I am sure there are a couple rare cases where it has happened, but that is easily solved by good airplane layout or even simple cheap ferrite chokes. In may FPV planes I have built, or helped friends build, I have never seen OSD problems due to RF, so this is a non issue as far as I am concerned. An extra 200 bucks, added size, and weight for a problem I have never seen is just not a good deal as far as I am concerned. As far as the included cables, that nice for some people, but I use higher quality connectors and cables and get them for way WAY less than 200 bucks.

So cost wise, everything has dramatically changed with the Dragon OSD, everyone can now have a full featured OSD with autopilot and Return To Home for less the half the price of before

Wow Jett, I never though you were going that far on this, but I understand business is business. I just saw some unfair talking that you started about RVOSD and I am replying to that.

...Going technical again, there is some options that you should never be able to change in the air, like disabling the RC link detection for users that just want OSD and no autopilot, changing RSSI max and minimums, changing the thermopiles (or IMU settings) with autopilot mode enabled. this is not a problem yet, but someday you will be there.

Do you know the LS20031 does not have SAW filter on the input? This is something important for LNA interference rejection. Or in other words, the LS20031 is less inmune to off band interference. You can find out what is our GPS, is the same used by remzibiOSD, simpleOSD and ETOSDpro.

It is not the same having the FPV gear on your big planes with everything spaced out that in some of the planes more used for FPV. Unfortunatly the OSDs are electronic devices that work with digital pulses, this digital pulses are nothing but heavy distorted oscilations with a lot of harmonics, going all over a wide frequency spectrum. The microprocessors needs clock sources. The processor used on DOSD is the same family of the two processors used on RVOSD Take a look at the metallic box on the back of your OSD, thats a quartz oscillator, another source for RF, plus the PLLs and multiplicators inside the MCU.
Not everything is about video transmitter interference, If you dont trust me, make this simple test. Place your GPS near a 72Mhz receiver, or your Dragon link. I know you will "find" that nothing happens, but the laws of phisics cant be bent.

I am really sorry to interfere here, and this is my last post about this. Advertizing is good, however spreading lies is not the way to go.
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