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Originally Posted by PLMS View Post
To clarify. When you had the servo plugged in, did the servo swing from end to end when you changed modes ?
If it stays at one end of its travel and just moves a bit at that end then you are not actually changing modes with the TX. I assumed you used a servo that had the arm centered on it before you used it too.

One very handy gadget I use when helping mates setup their gyros is my 'servo tester'. This eliminates the TX so you can prove the gyro is behaving first.

With the gyro gain input plugged into the tester, the gyro should indicate HH Mode at one side of center on the knob, and Rate Mode at the other. Obviously the gyros other cable needs to be plugged into the model or another tester to receive power and a rudder input also.

I would have replied sooner to you and Tumbler and others who have given me input on this gyro thing, but work got it the way

Anyway, I tried the servo test again that you suggested and indeed the servo swings when I change modes. So based on that, and the fact Tumbler says his HH light stays on too tells me its a "feature" of this gyro

I just got back from a test hover and a little FF. I set the gain to 92 and actually got a little wag in it. I feel better now, I think. It would appear the electronics in this gyro just may be a bit diffferent than others. After all, I guess the HH/rate mode percentage is just a relative number, right?

I am going to put this issue to rest for now. Now, I gotta get the blades to track properly. I have an Align main shaft and feathering shaft in there, but I can't get the blades to track. Granted, they are the stock blades, but they balanced well. I will say that, even with Align dampeners in there, the blade grip assembly wobbles in there, as if the HK head block recess where the dampeners seat was machined a few thou too big, allowing some slopy movementp. I ordered an align head block which hopefully will fix this. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks again to all who have chimed in on the gyro issue!

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