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Originally Posted by mlinder View Post

Thanks for your help.

I did what you suggested. I unplugged the single wire plug and plugged in a servo. When I adjust the gain, the servo indeed moves. So the Rx appears fine.

So I guess the gyro is messed up? I just got it about two weeks ago. I hope Hobbypartz will replace it - but I don't have the package anymore.

To clarify. When you had the servo plugged in, did the servo swing from end to end when you changed modes ?
If it stays at one end of its travel and just moves a bit at that end then you are not actually changing modes with the TX. I assumed you used a servo that had the arm centered on it before you used it too.

One very handy gadget I use when helping mates setup their gyros is my 'servo tester'. This eliminates the TX so you can prove the gyro is behaving first.

With the gyro gain input plugged into the tester, the gyro should indicate HH Mode at one side of center on the knob, and Rate Mode at the other. Obviously the gyros other cable needs to be plugged into the model or another tester to receive power and a rudder input also.
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